July Newsletter 2020

A Reflection from Rev. Karen
“Fear not, for I am with you” is a common refrain found within the scriptures. Facing fear was an experience of psalm writers, prophets, and the disciples with Jesus. It is a reality for many of us today. As we live through this world pandemic, we don’t have mental frameworks to deal with this situation – in many ways it is beyond our comprehension. The result is some people become overwhelmed and highly anxious, others shift into denial, some feel highly vulnerable, and the stress doesn’t seem to go away. Everyday guidelines change, and information bombards us. Restrictions are lifting and there is some feeling of relief but also worry about the implications for a second wave of Covid-19.
Jesus taught his followers how to build resilience as they faced change and crises. He taught them to work in teams, to remember they were never alone. He showed them the power of restorative time out on the water or withdrawing to pray. Using these adaptive responses would help them shift out of fear into trust and build an inner capacity to make better choices.
As we move through all the challenges and changes of these times, let us choose to follow Jesus’ example. Connect with people who are your supportive team. Take opportunity to do restorative activities to shift you out of the stress response. Be careful of the words you speak toward yourself and others. Practice patience and respect.

Pandemic Update
On June 25th 2020, our Unified Board approved an Operational Plan for the care of our people and the use of our building. We will use a gradual approach to allow time to evaluate and adapt as we move forward. The plan is attached to this email so you can review what is expected when we gather as a faith community. Anyone wishing a paper version can request the plan from the office.

Re-entering the Building
July - the office section of the Building will be re-opened to the public. Visitors are asked to remain in the office doorway to maintain proper social distancing when visiting the minister or office administrator. Signs will be posted with guidelines for Covid-19 restrictions, handwashing, and sanitizing.
August - in person meetings will resume with up to 6 people allowed in the Fellowship room and larger meetings in the sanctuary under current regulations.
September - we are aiming to begin worship in the sanctuary with allowable numbers.

July 12th a Parking Lot Service will be offered. Rev. Karen will contact all those without internet access, inviting them to register by Wed. July 8th. Bring lawn-chairs if you wish to sit by your car – vehicles will be parked to maintain proper distancing. The building and washrooms will not be open. If heavy rain is called for the service will be re-scheduled.
Up to 30 cars can be accommodated. If space is open a registration notice will be posted on our Facebook page - first come first serve basis. Please do not arrive unless you are pre-registered.
An online service will also have been posted for that day.
We will evaluate after that experience to decide if further outdoor services will be offered. The Unified Board will do a trial run service indoors during the summer to work out all the protocols and how to provide the best worship experience possible following current guidelines.

Search Team
The Community of Faith Profile for South Shore United Church as been completed and approved by the Unified Board. Thank you to Frank & Sandra MacDonald, Fran Albrecht, Jennifer Brown, Deborah Walsh, Mary Heckbert and Susan MacKay for all their efforts to complete this work. The Profile has been sent to the Regional level to be approved and a vacancy declared.
The next step is to appoint a Search Team. Responsibilities are:
- to use ChurchHub, and other means, to search for ministry personnel profiles that complement South
Shore United's community of faith profile
- to create a short list of ministry personnel to interview
- to discern through conversation and prayer a decision about the suitable minister
- to recommend to the Unified Board and/or congregation the name of the person you desire to call.
The Search Team is open to both members and adherents. Fundy-St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Region will appoint a pastoral liaison to work with and support the Search Committee.
If you are interested in being part of the Search Team, or wish to suggest a name of someone else, please contact Eric Dixon by July 15th: 902-786- 6699.

Changes to government programs now allow churches to apply for the $40,000 CEBA Loan. The Unified Board has directed the Trustees to make this application to make certain we have sufficient funds for salaries and the running of our facility over the next year. Your generous offerings and continued support are important so that this is not a debt that accumulates. Thank you to all our financial contributors, with a special thank you to those who made memorial song donations and weekly memorials.
As of May 31st, Building Fund: $10,709 and General Fund: $9,498

Camp Abby
Greetings from Camp Abby: it is sad that we are unable to have our regular camping experience, that is why we have decided to try a virtual camp experience. Virtual camp will be all on-line. Some of the daily content will be taped and others will be live. If a camper cannot join live, it will be taped, and they can connect with our staff later. The time requirement is what the children would like to participate in. There will be the following components: Christian development, arts and crafts, campfire, songs, games, and a chance to connect with our two staff members. Each camper will receive a specially made "Camp Abby" bag that will include the supplies for the arts and crafts, a t-shirt, a song book, camp graces to share with their family and more. If you have any more questions please let me know at vshowatt@pei.sympatico.ca
Thanks for your continued support of Camp Abby.
Sharon Howatt, Chair of the Board

The office is open as usual from 9-1:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday
If mailing correspondence, offering, etc. please use the address listed
at the top of the first page. We do not receive mail from the Post Office at the church location.
You may also bring mail and place in the mailbox located by the office door.